Terms Of Service

Cancellation Fees

All orders, products, and invoiced items are subject to up to a 30% cancelation fee. Wiring harnesses, due to their custom nature and made to order process will have a 50% cancelation fee.

Fees apply any time after an order is placed with Blaze Off-Road Limited by the customer or any time after a customer pays their invoice.

Refund Times

Within 14-days of refund requests Blaze Off-Road Limited will inform the customer of the refund amount after any restocking or processing fees. Then within 60 days of confirming that with the customer, a refund will be issued. This is the policy for all products and tunes ordered.

Other Refund Options

If an order is refunded as a gift card for Blazeoffroad.com and Blaze Off-Road Limited, then a max of 20% restocking fee and shipping charges can be withheld from the refund.

Warranty of Third Party Products

When new products are purchased from us at manufacture MAP pricing, Blaze Off-Road Limited will happily handle the warranty process with the manufacture. Labor will not be warrantied unless it is concluded that a failure was due to an error of ours.

Tuning Terms

Due to the inherently risky nature of ECU tuning, there is no warranty. By having us tune your truck you accept that ECU tuning is an inherently risky task. Blaze Off-Road Limited, nor any of its employees or affiliates will be held responsible or liable for any failures, breakdowns, malfunctions, changes in emissions laws or testing, or dealer-related warranty issues, including voiding or denial of warranty. Tuning is for off-road use only, and can only be performed on vehicles not expected to pass emissions testing.

As of 11/01/2022 Blaze Off-Road is no longer offering tunes.

Shipping Policy

If you purchase any item from us that you would like shipped to you Blaze Off-Road, its partners, and its employees can not be held liable for the package once it is picked up by the shipper from our facility. Packages that have entered the shippers system are no longer in the possession of, or control of Blaze Off-Road.

We provide an option, at checkout, to every single order for Route Package Protection. This insurance covers a new order or refund for you, and will even auto place the order with us for replacement if the package is damaged, lost, or otherwise mis-handled by the shipper. This box is auto-checked, if you uncheck the box you are choosing to place your order without coverage and your damaged or lost package will not be covered or insured. We do not make any money off of the Route Package Protection, and we offer it for peace of mind and convince to our customers.