Garmin PowerSwitch - Why You Just Might Need One, Or Four.

Garmin PowerSwitch - Why You Just Might Need One, Or Four.

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The all-new Garmin PowerSwitch.

Compact, powerful, expandable, and a beast of a switching system.

The Quick & Dirty.

  • Wirelessly connect and control up to 4 of these powerful little units.

  • Small enough to mount anywhere and everywhere.

  • 6x 30 amp circuits per unit.

  • 2x trigger inputs per unit.

  • Control with your phone, tablet, CarPlay/Android Auto, physical input switches or compatible Garmin navigation units.

  • No need to run any wires through your firewall.

Our View - As Professionals.

These units are incredibly robust. With six 30A circuits per unit and full wireless control, these IPX7 MOSFET-based switching modules are perfect for virtually every application.

We believe that the Garmin PowerSwitch units work great for side x sides, overlanding vehicles, crawlers, and of course your everyday weekend warrior that simply needs to gain some control over their much-needed accessories on the vehicle.

One thing commonly looked over is the "control" inputs. We often use these as inputs from factory or aftermarket switches like up fitters or toggles. We like programing modes such as "Trail" or "Camp" modes. In "Trail" mode we tend to turn on all of the front facing lights while strobing the rear lights. In "Camp" mode we like to turn on all back lighting, rock lights, and scene lighting to provide a good coverage of ambient lighting for camp. 


The downfalls.

The only other downfall we see with this unit is that you will have to use a phone, tablet, or compatible Garmin Navigation unit as your control system. This means that you will not have dedicated switches on your dash for your aftermarket accessories, unless you use the two control inputs with physical switches, which is a very useful option as well. Keep an open mind on this one though...

Having physical buttons means that you also need to breach your firewall to run a control cable through it. Also, there is something to be said about Garmin and their engineering capabilities as a company. They manufacture top-tier avionics and marine systems. Ranging from auto-pilot systems to high-end chart plotters, radio systems, and navigation units. Garmin is also nearly unmatched in every industry that they decide to jump into. Having said that, we have found their wireless communication to be incredibly quick and seamless with phones and tablets, with an imperceivable delay and amazing speed of execution through one of their own devices.


Long Story Short

If you want a robust, rugged, expandable, programable, and incredibly capable unit the Garmin PowerSwitch is for you.

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